Basic Health and Safety Training


Health and Safety Law, No. 6331 mandates that every employee should attend a basic health and safety training. Duration and repeat frequency of this training is based on the hazard classification of the workplace.


Hazard Class Frequency Duration
Very Dangerous Annual At least 16 hours
Dangerous Biannual At least 12 hours
Less Dangerous Triannual At least  8 hours




Wellpoint Academy is providing these trainings in English for expats who work in Turkey. Conveniently located two training centers in Istanbul, we can provide either open classroom or private sessions.







Training Content (also as per stated by law);

1. General Items

a) Information regarding the labor legislation,

b) Legal rights and responsibilities of employees,

c) Housekeeping at workplace,

d) Legal consequences of workplace accidents and occupational diseases

2. Health Topics

a) Causes of occupational diseases

b) Principles of disease prevention and protection techniques,

c) Biological and psychosocial risk factors,

d) First Aid

3.Technical Subjects

a) Chemical, physical and ergonomic risk factors,

b) Manual lifting and handling,

c) Flash, explosion, fire and fire protection,

d) Safe use of work equipment,

e) Working with display screen equipment,

f) Electric hazards, risks and precautions,

g) Application of technical principles of the causes and prevention of occupational accidents,

h) Health and safety signage,

i) Use of personal protective equipment,

j) General rules of occupational health and safety and the safety culture,

k) Evacuation and rescue



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